TTA Center for Peer Recovery Support Services

About the TTA Center for PRSS Partnerships

Four organizations—Altarum Institute, Advocates for Human Potential, Brandeis University, and the Institute for Intergovernmental Relations— were selected by BJA to provide training and technical assistance (TTA) to Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (COAP) site-based grantees. This collaborative is working to promote best practices and promising approaches to combat the opioid epidemic.

The TTA Center for PRSS Partnerships is one initiative of the collaborative. The center supports COAP grantees as they plan, implement, and evaluate peer recovery support services (PRSS). The center provides TTA to:

The Center also provides TTA to non-grantee jurisdictions and organizations that work in criminal justice or child welfare settings. We provide in-person and virtual TTA to agencies interested in incorporating peer recovery supports. Specific services include consultation; facilitation; and knowledge, skills, and capacity building on topics related to PRSS including:

We tailor TTA to the unique operating environments of each organization with an understanding of the communities and people it serves. To ensure effective TTA, our responses are:

About Altarum

Altarum is a nonprofit health systems research and consulting organization that integrates independent research and client-centered consulting to create comprehensive, systems-based solutions that improve health.

With the rigor of the finest research institution, consulting skills honed over nearly seven decades, and an abiding commitment to the public interest, Altarum enables better care and better health for all people.

In the field of behavioral health, Altarum works with communities across the country to build integrated recovery support services to help those facing addiction get the care they need. The key to a successful program—one that leads people into lasting recovery—is ensuring it is fully integrated, connected, and coordinated within the community.

Altarum works with Federal, State, and local governments, as well as national and community-based organizations to build a system of care that focuses on recovery, active involvement of consumers and their families, and multiple services to best meet individual needs. We believe that peer-based services are important to the continuum of care for substance use disorders. We strive to assist organizations in implementing these peer services, to strengthen and improve the health of communities across the country.